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Casino Loyalty and VIP Points Schemes

Comp points and other loyalty rewards might not strictly be classed as a casino offer but they are certainly a nice little bonus.

Here we take a look at what exactly they are, which sites offer them, how they work and what sort of benefits they can bring to you.

Realistically, the strength of an online casinos player rewards scheme is unlikely to be a major factor in deciding which casino you join. The key factors are always likely to be the welcome bonus, the range and quality of the games, the ongoing promotions for existing customers and the general feel of the site.

However, as said, comp (short for complimentary) points or other similar rewards for loyal players are certainly a nice little extra. There is no doubt that for high rollers they will soon add up. Even less regular players will get the odd little freebie thanks to their points so read on for the lowdown.

What are Comp Points?

Comp points, loyalty points, VIP points, rewards points – different names for what are usually very similar things. Essentially, online casinos, like most supermarkets and many other retailers, off their customers some form of loyalty scheme.

As with supermarkets, members get points based on their use of the casino. Whilst supermarkets only tend to reward players for what they buy, online and mobile casinos are far more generous.

Most casino rewards schemes are based on wagering, as opposed to just deposits, although some will offer points for a variety of activities. We have even heard of some casino sites giving points for withdrawing funds. The Ladbrokes Adventure gives you 1,000 coins just for playing your first game!

Whatever they are awarded for though, the, err, point, is that loyalty points can be exchanged for some form of “goodness”. That varies from site to site and scheme to scheme but most loyalty systems offer casino bonuses in exchange for points. Others may also offer the choice of withdrawable cash, prizes, bingo or poker tickets, entrance to prize draws or free spins.

When it comes to the prizes you can exchange your points for, these vary greatly. At the lowest points levels you might be looking at a branded keyring or cap (cheers for that!). On the other hand, the best schemes will offer prizes such as iPad’s, televisions and even cars to their biggest and most loyal customers who have really racked the points up!

How Do I Earn Points?

As said, this will vary but the most common way of earning loyalty points is through playing your favourite casino games. As you’re doing that anyway, that’s great news. What’s more, pretty much every casino rewards scheme will automatically enrol you. That means you will already have started accumulating points, even if you didn’t realise!

Most sites will award points for all games but many will offer double or enhanced points on certain games. This may be specific, designated slots or games that change each week or it may be a more general rule that, for example, all slots earn double points.

Your points will be added automatically, there is no need to claim them. You should easily be able to see how many points you have through the “My Account” area of the site.

It’s well worth keeping an eye on your emails as from time to time sites may offer bonus or extra points. This might be for trying a new game, making a deposit or some other simple activity.

VIP Schemes

Many sites, for example Coral Casino, offer a standard rewards scheme for all customers but also offer an extra VIP scheme for their most loyal players.

With such schemes you may need to opt in or contact the casino to join. Equally, these VIP rewards systems may only be available to players who deposit and/or wager larger sums each month.

Essentially they work in the same sort of way but often offer better rewards, prizes and so on and are also more generous in the way the points are awarded.

If you are a casino regular these VIP schemes are a great reason to stick with your favourite casino. The points really can add up and whilst it won’t guarantee you’ll profit overall, the prizes and bonuses are certainly very handy from time to time.

Which Online Casinos Offer Rewards Schemes?

All of the brilliant casino sites we work with have some form of loyalty scheme. In fact, we would say that just about any casino worth its spinning reels should have one.

They all vary, as said and some are more generous than others. All of the online casinos you can see here at CasinoOffers.Co are top class sites. We have chosen them because they are casinos we play at and rate very highly.

The rewards schemes may only be a small part of that but they are certainly a factor we have considered. As such, all of the loyalty and comp point systems at these sites are at least above average.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

More and more players access their favourite online casinos via their mobile or tablet. Playing on your mobile is so convenient and easy and some sites even offer extra bonuses and promotions to mobile customers.

Unless stated, all the casino welcome bonuses and casino offers are available on mobile and tablet, as well as the main desktop/online version of the site.

Why not have a look at all the latest online casino offers available right now by clicking the button below? Alternatively keep reading for more info on mobile bonus offers.

What are Mobile Bonuses?

As already said, the vast majority of casino promos are available on mobile too. Very occasionally a casino might offer a bonus that has to be played on the main download version of their site or just on the desktop casino.

However, usually, all promotions are available across all formats. That means you can join a new casino on your mobile on the bus home from work and claim a bonus before completing the bonus wagering when you get home.

Equally, you can keep playing on your mobile or tablet, having initially joined online, by which we mean on desktop.

However, occasionally one of the great casinos we work with will have a special bonus, promotion or offer that is only available to mobile customers. That may mean that you have to claim the deal on your mobile, complete any bonus wagering on mobile (or tablet) or both.

However, the key point is that this is an extra bonus not available to those accessing the main version of the site.

Why Do Casinos Offer Mobile Bonuses?

Although playing great casino games such as slots, blackjack and roulette on mobile is hardly new, some players are yet to give it a try. Casino fans tend to be creatures of habit. Many players stick to the sites, games and format of play that they know.

Mobile bonuses are a great way to encourage people to give mobile casinos a try in the same way that welcome offers are an incentive to try a new casino site.

As with most bonuses and offers, they are effectively just marketing from the casino. By offering a freebie they hope to attract new customers or get existing ones to try something different.

Most mobile casino bonuses aren’t restricted to just new mobile players though. That means you can probably claim the bonus even if you’re a mobile king who already knows just how quick, convenient and easy playing on mobile is.

Mobile Casino Bonus FAQ

What bonuses can I claim on my mobile?

As said, most, if not all, welcome bonuses and existing customer promotions are open to desktops, tablet and mobile players unless stated.

We’ll list any mobile-only bonuses on this page and also in our latest offers area as and when they are available.

What types of offer will I get on mobile?

The nature of the offer can vary a lot, with just about every type of promotion a possibility. For mobile-only promos, casinos tend to focus on free spins, money back offers and reloads, although you may also get high roller bonuses and matched bonuses too. In other words, pretty much anything!

Can I play on a tablet?

Tablets are usually classed as mobiles and they generally access the mobile version of the site, as opposed to the desktop. As such, most mobile bonuses can also be claimed and used on tablets.

Do I have to download an app?

Usually it’s not necessary to play on or download the mobile casino app. Obviously some mobile bonuses may specifically state that you MUST play on the app. Otherwise simply accessing the casino on your mobile’s browser will take you to the mobile version of the site.

Many of the best casinos don’t even have an app, simply because many players prefer just to visit the mobile-optimised casino in-browser.

Do I have to complete all the wagering on my mobile?

This will depend on the terms and conditions of the offer but the chances are that if the promo is mobile-only you will. For special bonuses that are only available to mobile customers, you might have to claim, deposit and wager entirely on mobile. Just ask customer services if you aren’t sure.

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