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No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Nothing is free in this life… or is it? Many welcome bonuses at online casinos come in the form of matched casino bonuses (i.e. you are given a bonus based on the amount you initially deposit when you join). But there is a way to get hold of casino bonuses without having to risk a single penny of your own cash: that’s where No Deposit Casino Bonuses come in!

In this article we’ll give you the main details of the best no deposit casino bonuses currently on the market from UK-friendly online casinos. We’ll also give you a little more info about this type of bonus as well as strategies to maximise your chances of winning some cash!

What are No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

As the name undoubtedly suggests, no deposit casino bonuses are bonuses that are credited to customers even though no deposit is required. In reality some of these bonuses do require you to make a deposit in order to verify your identity, but you are can then withdraw the funds without spending any of your own cash once you’ve used up your free bonus.

Obviously the main benefit of these bonuses is that you don’t have to risk any of your own cash, but you could still win a decent amount of cash from a variety of casino games. Note that many no deposit bonuses have restrictions in terms of the games you are able to spend the bonus playing, so always check the full terms and conditions of any given offer before you claim it.


  • Minimum risk to the casino player – costs nothing other than your time!
  • You can win decent amounts of cash if you get lucky
  • Gives players a chance to try out a new online casino – their games and features – before committing any of their own money


  • Wagering requirements for no deposit casino bonuses tend to be more restrictive than those of standard casino welcome bonuses
  • No deposit bonuses tend to be relatively small in value, especially compared to some of the high roller casino bonuses

Best Strategy for No Deposit Casino Bonuses

As with almost all casino offers and bonuses, the main strategy is simple: maximise the chances that you will win some money.

To do this is generally fairly straight forward: simply play the casino game (of those permitted under that offer) that gives the smallest house edge. And then employ the optimal strategy when playing, for example using basic strategy if playing blackjack.

Often no deposit casino bonuses must be used on online slots, which tend to have a higher house edge than many table games such as blackjack or roulette. But it’s worth noting that not all slots are the same and the house edge can vary massively from game to game.

If the online casino you are playing at doesn’t explicitly state the house edge (or Return to Player ratio) of the game you are considering playing, simply contact their customer service team (live chat is best, then they can email you a transcript of the communication for your records). Then just ask them for the details of the house edge on the relevant games and pick the one that offers you the best chance of winnings (i.e. the lowest house edge or highest Return to Player ratio).

High Roller Casino Bonuses

Best high roller casino bonuses for casino players with a nice, big bankroll – check out some great £500+ welcome bonuses!

High roller casino bonuses are the bonuses that veer towards the more generous end of the spectrum in terms of the maximum value of the bonus on offer. Here on, we define a high roller bonus as any that is worth £500 or more to a player.

Before we take a look at some of the biggest and best high roller bonuses out there, a word of caution: as with all bonuses and promotions to do with online casinos (or any other type of gambling) it is crucial that you only ever bet what you can afford to lose. So if you aren’t a high roller, and you’d rather just play with the occasional tenner for a bit of fun, it might be better to check out the other matched casino bonuses or even the no deposit casino bonuses.

But if you do have a substantial bankroll and you are looking to get the best value for your casino cash, have a look at some of the massive bonuses below and take your pick. Note that all are registered with and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and we only ever publish details of online casinos that we trust. The high roller bonuses listed below are for new customers only so if you already have an account with the casino in question, you won’t be able to claim the bonus.

How do high roller casino bonuses work?

High roller bonuses generally work in exactly the same way as all the other casino welcome bonuses we feature on this site: you join an online casino, register your details, make a deposit using your debit/credit card and you’ll be given a bonus that is usually a percentage of your initial deposit(s).

The only difference is that high roller bonuses tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of the amount of bonus cash the casino is willing to throw your way, with bonuses of £1000 or more relatively common these days.

£1000 bonuses? What’s the catch?

Clearly online casinos are businesses and hence are trying to make money, so they are not simply going to throw a grand your way and let you take your chances on the blackjack table!

As mentioned, the size of the bonus you receive from a given casino site will be dependent on your initial deposit (or sometimes the first two or three deposits, depending on the specifics of the bonus offer in question).

Many of the casino sites choose to simply match your first deposit with a bonus of the same amount, which in high roller terms means making a deposit of £500 or more!

Of course, not too many people are in the financial position that allows them to put £500 or £1000 on a casino (as there is a reasonable chance that you will lose the lot!), and as such it is important to only EVER play with money that you can readily afford to lose.

Important high roller bonus terms and conditions

As with all casino bonuses, high roller casino bonuses have a number of terms and conditions that should be understood BEFORE you accept any of the offers. It is a very good idea for you to read through ALL the terms and conditions on the casino site in question before you claim a given bonus, but here are some terms that you should definitely be aware of in advance of even visiting a casino site.

Wagering requirements

Just about all casino bonuses carry wagering requirements. This means that once the bonus has been issued to your account, you can’t just withdraw it to your bank (that would be nice, but alas far too easy!).

Instead you are required to wager through the bonus amount a certain number of times before you withdraw any funds from the account. Often this will be something like 30 times the bonus amount, though casinos commonly ask that you bet through the combined value of the initial deposit and the bonus amount a given number of times (e.g. 20 times).

Eligible games

Another point to note is that not all games will contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements for a given bonus, and sometimes some games will not count at all.

You should always check the terms and conditions of an offer before you claim it and certainly before you start trying to meet the wagering requirements. If you don’t you could be playing for hours on blackjack but hardly making a dent in the overall wagering requirements!

Casino Reload Bonuses and Promotions

Casino reload bonuses and promotions: what are they, how to use them and terms and conditions to watch out for!

Casino reload bonuses are very similar to the majority of casino welcome bonuses which come in the form of matched bonuses. That is to say the bonus amount will depend on the amount of your deposit.

But while welcome bonuses are given to new customers to online or mobile casinos, reload bonuses – as the name hints are – are not based on your first deposit with a casino, but some subsequent deposit (or deposits).

While welcome bonuses tend to be one-off affairs (though some are split between a number of deposits), reloads bonuses are the promotion that can keep on giving if you find a generous online casino!

One thing to note about casino reload bonuses is that they tend to be less generous – in both percentage and value terms – than welcome bonuses. They tend to be used as a way for casinos to encourage a player to return them if they’ve not played for a while or perhaps as a way of introducing players to new games or interfaces.

Here we’ll give you some of the information you need to know about reload bonuses at online and mobile casinos including the different types you might encounters, some terms to watch out for and some basic strategies on how to use them.-

Types of Casino Reload Bonus

  • Regular Reloads – Some online casinos offer regular reload bonuses to their customers, for instance a 50% bonus on the first deposit of each month. These are particularly welcome because you know where you stand with then in advance and you can plan your playing based on the knowledge that you’ll be getting a reload bonus (well, assuming they don’t change their mind of course!)
  • Game-specific Reloads – Occasionally casinos will want to promote a new game, or one they already have but which they want to raise awareness of. In this case they will offer reload bonuses of whatever percentage if the player uses the bonus on that specific game.
  • Mobile Reloads – Casinos are increasingly keen to get their players using their mobiles to play their slots or table games, so we have started seeing plenty of mobile-specific reloads (and other mobile casino bonuses).
  • Ad Hoc Reloads – Of course, as with more casino bonuses and promotions, the casinos will sometimes just throw an offer out there such as, ‘get a 100% reload bonus on all deposits on New Year’s Eve’ or some such thing. The terms and specifics of such offers will clearly differ from casino to casino, offer to offer, but if there are any decent ones you can rest assured we’ll have the details right here at

Reload Bonuses: Key Terms and Conditions

As with all casino offers, bonuses and promotions it always pays to read – and understand – the terms and conditions of any offer you are thinking about claiming. We would always urge you to check out the specific terms of any reload bonus you might grab, but here are some of the general terms to look out for.

  • Wagering requirements – Wagering restrictions are now a part of life for online casino players. In case you weren’t aware, wagering requirements are applied to most casino offers and they mean that you have to wager a certain amount of cash through before you are permitted to withdraw any of your profits. The amount you have to wager through will generally depend on the size of the deposit and/or bonus in question and typically will be a multiple of 20x, 30x or 40x the combined value of the deposit and bonus (though there are plenty of examples of more/less generous wagering terms).
  • Time limits – Time limits apply to all types of betting offers and simply refer to the time within which you must fulfill the terms of the offers – e.g. you have 30 days from triggering the offer to complete the wagering requirements.
  • Excluded games – Some games or game types (e.g. slots) may be excluded from the offer completely or from counting towards the wagering requirements.
  • Country restrictions – Some offers and bonuses are available only to residents of certain countries.

Reload Bonuses: Strategy and Tactics

When it comes to strategies for maximising your chances of turning a profit from reload bonuses, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, you might want to consider playing the game(s) that offer the lowest house edge, thus giving you the best mathematical chance of winning. Of course, casinos often exclude games with a low house edge (such as blackjack) from counting towards the wagering requirements, and not all casinos will make it apparent what the house edge of a game is. In this case, be sure to contact customer services to ask them what the house edge is, or – if they can’t say – the return to player ratio.

Secondly, as with all casino play, only ever take up an offer or bonus with money that you can afford – and are prepared – to lose. While there are plenty of good value casino offers and reload bonuses out there, there is – of course – always the risk that you will lose whatever cash you deposit.

On the other side of the coin, you might just win a fortune, but obviously more people lose than win, hence casinos staying in business.

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