Test your football knowledge for the chance to win £1000 with this great Betfair Casino promotion

With the World Cup well underway, keep the footballing spirit going with this excellent risk free promotion.

It costs nothing to play so why not put your brain to the test to see how much you really know about the beautiful game. You’ll need a Betfair Casino account though and you can check out details of the Betfair welcome bonus in our post.

Can you get all the answers Wright-Phillips?

Betfair Casino’s football quiz runs every single day at 9pm (UK time). In order to take part, log-in and head to the Casino promotions page just before things get underway. You will be able to load the quiz five minutes prior to kick-off and then the nervous wait for the first question begins.

You’ll be given a few soft ball questions to begin with but things will get progressively get harder as you progress, much like in the World Cup. One wrong answer, or failure to answer in the 10 second limit means you will be eliminated.

There is a 30 second gap between questions, which are all multiple choice, so if you are stuck you could be saved by a lucky guess. Betfair state that 12 questions are asked in total but the small print says that this can be altered by the quiz host prior to the game starting.

If no players successfully answers all questions correctly, the £1000 cash prize will be rolled over to the next day. If there are a number of players celebrating glory come full-time however, the prize will be shared evenly among them. Any winnings will be paid into your account within two working days, you’ll simply need to log-in and accept your prize.

Prizes are paid out in CASH too, so any money gained from this promotion can go straight into your back pocket. All Betfair customers are eligible to play and there is nothing stopping you from playing every day until the offer expires. No date is currently given for an expiry so make the most of this while you can! Players don’t even need any money in their account to take part so being low on funds doesn’t have to stop you winning £1000, or a share of it.

The timing of this promotion along with its risk-free nature makes it one worth definitely taking part in. Attempting to cheat your way to victory however will be caught by VAR. Anyone spotted playing with multiple accounts will have any winnings chalked off. Play by the rules however and you might well have something else to celebrate this World Cup.