Online casinos run a huge range of promotions and offers and here we take a look at competitions

Many casino promotions offer money back, bonuses or free spins but one of the most common types of casino promo is a good old-fashioned competition.

Such competitions are run in a range of ways and offer all sorts of different prizes. These may range from a simple casino bonus right up to the holiday of a lifetime.

To have full access to all the best casino competitions we would advise having accounts with a range of online casinos.

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How do Casino Competitions Work?

Casino competitions can work in a range of ways and this varies from one online casino to another and also from competition to competition. We’ll highlight any competitions that we think are worthy of your attention right here.

We’ll also provide simplified terms and conditions when we do. This will help you get the basics of the promotion before deciding whether or not to get involved.

For now that, let us look at the most common sorts of competitions our partner online and mobile casinos tend to run.

Prize Draws

By far the most common type of competition is a prize draw. With this type of promotion, you will usually earn entries to the draw by completing a certain task. The exact nature of the competition will, of course, vary but the key unifying factor is that the winners of the prizes are decided at random by a draw.

Usually prize draws tickets or entries are won by staking cash on a certain game or group of games. This might be a specific promotional slot, a particular game, such as roulette or live blackjack or it might be any play within the entire casino.

Ordinarily there will be a promotional period during which staking qualifies you for the draw. This might be a few hours or less whilst some competitions may run for an entire month.

With most such competitions, every £10 you wager on eligible games will earn you one prize draw ticket. Again, this varies depending on the casino and the competition. The wagering might be lower or it might be higher and there may be the chance to earn double tickets by playing specific games and/or at specific times.

Some competitions will have a limit on how many tickets you can earn, how many prizes you can win, or both. However, many will allow you earn as many tickets as you like and even win multiple prizes.

We like these types of competitions a lot because they seem very fair. If you get lucky, anyone can win, even with just one ticket. But on the other hand, they reward the most loyal players by giving them better odds of winning and the chance to win a number of prizes.

Some prize draws may allow entry simply by emailing the casino or opting in. Such competitions are rare though and other prize draws may only allow those who have won certain prizes, jackpots or games to enter.

As with any competition, of course, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Not all the competitions will be worth entering, depending on what games you like, the requirements to enter and your casino bank. However, if there is a valid competition for a game you play anyway, it would be silly not to enter, so be sure to check back here for details of all the best casino competitions around.

Automatic Prizes

Other competitions run by online casinos will award prizes automatically, without a draw. Usually this type of promotion only reward those players at the top of a leaderboard although occasionally anyone fulfilling a certain task may win.

Usually such promotions reward the players who have wagered the most on a given game or games. As with prize draws, there will be specific games that qualify, as well as set time periods.

Most competitions of this nature reward the player to have wagered the most, although occasionally it will be whichever play has won the most, or even lost the most! Other competitions may be dependent on achieving certain feats within games, for example getting a “natural” blackjack or hitting a certain bonus round on a slot.

What Can I Win?

As with much we have written about online casino competitions, what you can win will vary each time.

As said, prizes will vary greatly, with the “worst” prize you’re likely to see being a £5 casino bonus with wagering terms attached.

At the other end of the spectrum there are cars, holidays, squillions of comp points, huge cash prizes and four figure casino bonuses also available.

Here are some of the prizes that have been available at the online casinos we feature here at CasinoOffers.Co:

  • £1m – you can’t really beat that and whilst this particular competition involved football, you could gain entries via their casino
  • Luxury Holidays – there have been too many to mention, including trips to Rio for the 2014 football World Cup
  • Cash – again, too many to mention and whilst the sums are usually four figures or less, we certainly wouldn’t turn our noses up at a grand or two!
  • Sporting Tickets – loads of casinos and betting sites have links to Premier League and other sports teams and so VIP days out at a big sporting event are often up for grabs
  • Tech Prizes – mobile phones, TVs and other gadget gifts are another common prize
  • Bonuses – from £5 up to thousands of pounds, bonuses are a big part of the competitions we feature. Wagering can vary from just once up to 30 times so clearly some are better prizes than others
  • Comp points – just about every online casino has some form of VIP or membership scheme and some competitions award points as prizes…which you can then convert back into prizes!

Who Offers These Competitions?

As said, we’ll bring you the biggest and best casino competitions and prize draws right here.

However, if you want to see every single competition and promotion there is, the best bet is just to join all the best casino sites out there and keep an eye on their promotions pages.

The best thing about joining more than one casino is that you can claim a new bonus at each and every one. Throw in all the offers they have for existing customers too and having lots of different casino accounts makes a LOT of sense.