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Try something new with Coral Casino’s range of not-so-typical games.

Inject a little variety into your online casino experience at Coral with their great games

You’ve all heard of the casino classics but if you do fancy a change from the norm, Coral Casino has a great selection of other games to try.

There are 15 miscellaneous games to choose from and most of them are wonderfully simply. We’ve picked out some of our favourites and you can find out more about them below.

Which new game will become one of your favourites?

We all know how to play rock, paper, scissors but how many times have you played for money? As you might expect, this game is a very easy one to play, just you up against the computer. Draw and your money is returned but end up on top and your money will almost be doubled. You can also bet on yourself having a winning streak. Back yourself for four in a row and pull it off for a huge 78 times return on your stake. Heads and tails is another game which needs no explanation. Flip either one or two coins at a time and put to test the old saying that ‘tails never fails’.

For those of you who are fond of bowling but end up in the gutter all too often, Bonus Bowling might be for you. Let the computer do the rolling for you as you bet on how many pins will fall. A strike pays out big, 25 times your stake but you might be more inclined to play it safe and back a dud throw that can’t topple more than three pins. Sticking with popular pastimes, the Penalty Shootout game gives you the suspense of the 12 yard kick without needing to dust off your boots. Go brave and pick the top corner for a big win but be aware that this goalkeeper is notoriously good at saving shots heading for the postage stamp.

In Derby Day Horse Racing there are six horses going head to head each race, all with their own form and trainer form. You can study the info or simply back the one with the name you have a good feeling about. Bets can be placed on the usual markets such as the winner, the correct order of the first two or on a horse to make the top three. The potential pay-out will be displayed once any selection is complete and once confirmed the horses will be released from the stalls.

One of Coral’s ‘other games’ even features a progressive jackpot worth tens of thousands of pounds, Jackpot Darks. To stand a chance of winning the huge prize, you will need to bet on the ‘jackpot’ rather than going for other board options such as backing two trebles or a total between 42 and 180. What you need to see on a jackpot bet is all three darts hit the bullseye or outer bull. Don’t worry if somebody wins the jackpot just before you as you will be guaranteed a pay out 25,000 times your bet.

Betfair Casino: What are exchange games?

Try this unique form of online gambling exclusively at Betfair Casino

Having the ability to both back and lay outcomes in games where decision making and timing are crucial is great fun.

The exchange games can offer variety to anyone’s online casino experience as well as allowing users to develop strategies which could see them win big.

What exchange games can I play?

Perhaps the most popular of the exchange games is the very sleek looking New Texas Hold’ Em and it’s here which best captures what Betfair’s unique game type is all about. The way the game works is different to that of normal Hold’ Em, rather than being given one hand, there will be four hands visible on your screen. Betting takes place during every stage so that’s before the deal, pre-flop, after the flop and after the turn. You have around 15-20 seconds each time to place your bets on any combination of the four hands. The exchange games allow you to lay hands, not just back them, although in order to do this you will need to select the ‘expert view’ at the top of the screen.

As you are betting against other players rather being up against fixed odds with a slight house edge, you can find value in the market and exploit it to your advantage. Exchange games are all about strategizing and it can be the perfect choice for any player looking to make a long term profit from online casinos. If you are finding you don’t quite have enough time to place your bets then you should switch to standard Texas Hold’Em which has a slower game speed, giving you around 30 seconds between each betting round.

Most games come with this option of a standard and turbo version, Bullseye Roulette for one, and it’s a game which offers an exciting twist on the old casino classic. There are four rounds each game and each round eight balls are dropped in quick succession. The slot that each ball lands on converts the adjacent three pockets into that colour and number. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make much sense to you now as the very helpful tutorial on the game will make things crystal clear. It’s a frantic game but a thrilling one once you get used to how it works.

For many of the remaining exchange games on offer, rather than having flashy graphics, they are instead far more basic, black and white text based. While not visually impressive, the games are very well explained and the range of bets and their respective odds ae clearly marked. Be sure to read the rules before you play as some games have a unique twist on their more traditional counterparts. Exchange Hi Lo is one example of this as here the computer guesses whether or not the next card will be higher or lower using just a single deck of spades. You bet on whether the computer’s guess is right or wrong by backing or laying its prediction.

Which Coral Casino slot comes with a big bonus this week?

Get up to £50 back every day just by playing 2 Fat Cats

This feline-themed game is the purrfect slot choice for this week with daily perks up for grabs.

This offer isn’t due to last too long though so sink your claws into it before you lose your chance to claim your bonus. If you don’t already have an account at Coral hit the button below to join. Alternatively have a look at all the Coral Casino offers and promotions here.

Get 25% back with 2 Fat Cats

Whether you win or lose, you may able to claim free bonus money every day courtesy of Coral’s latest addition to their range of slots, 2 Fat Cats: The Lost Ark. The game, which can be played online on PC or on mobile, combines Indiana Jones with many people’s favourite household pet in an easy to play slot which has a minimum 10p stake.

You don’t need to sign up for this promotion, staking real money on the game is all you need to do. A minimum of 20 spins need to be made in one day for you to be eligible and spins must be of the same or of similar value. Once the clock hits midnight, if you are either have a net profit of £20 or more from 2 Fat Cars, or net losses of £20 or more, you will qualify for the bonus.

Bonus Either Way

The amount you receive as a bonus depends on how unlucky, or lucky you have been as it’s 25% of your profit or loss for the day. If you were riding high and you were up £200 for the day on this slot, you would receive the maximum £50 bonus. On the flip side, if you had a particularly unlucky session and you were down, let’s say £100, then you would get £25 back as a bonus. It’s a consolation prize for anyone who hits a rough patch or a continuation of the good fortune for a player on a winning streak. Those who are only up or down a few pounds will sadly not receive any bonus for that day.

Only one bonus can be claimed per day but there is no limit to how many days you can claim them on. Bonus winnings need to be wagered five times before they can be withdrawn. As is standard for bonus funds, not all games count 100% towards the wagering requirements, those that do are: slots (exceptions apply), scratch cards, arcade and fixed odds games.

The offer expires midnight on Sunday (24th September 2017) and any day you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to win bonus funds, they should be with you the following day by 18:00 (BST). Be aware that you only have 48 hours to claim the bonus funds and any money which isn’t accepted will expire.

Betfair Live Casino Games And Offers

If you are a live casino fan then Betfair Casino is the place for you

With eight live casino games, Betfair is one of the leading live casino providers.

Betfair’s live casino sign-up offer also gives players the chance to collect five free chips to use on the roulette wheel for some completely risk free bets.

What live casino games and offers are available?

The live casino sign-up offer is valid until 31st December 2018 and is open to all players who have never played at Betfair Casino preiously. When making a deposit of at least £20, not using an e-wallet such as Neteller or Moneybookers, you will have the opportunity to claim the offer on the promotions page. By selecting the live casino offer, you will receive bonus funds worth 50% of your initial deposit, to a maximum of £200 to use on live roulette.

Once you have used all your bonus or met the wagering requirements, the five free chips will become available on the casino promotion page. The golden chips are worth £2 each and will be staggered one each day for 5 consecutive days. In order to claim your full amount of free chips, you must log in each day to accept them as unclaimed golden chips expire after 24 hours.

Although the live casino offer bonus is restricted to live roulette, there are several different roulette options for you to choose (excludes French roulette). Speed roulette allows you to make lots of bets in a shorter amount of time, perfect for people wanting to bet on a tight schedule. Most roulette wheels spin 65 times an hour but speed roulette is typically around 100. Grand Roulette allows you to play in a glamorous looking environment and there are many other tables with visual variances and different spinners.

There isn’t a sign-up deal for any of the other live casino games but you will still be able to use your real money funds on these. One of the most popular options is live blackjack which also has a range of tables on offer. You can observe and try out all available options before deciding on a favourite.

Baccarat is another of the more commonly played casino games. There tends to be at least a couple of available tables due to its popularity.

Other games such as 3 Card Brag and Sic-Bo don’t have free tables throughout the entirety of the day but they become available during busier hours. As for the remaining games, Casino Hold’Em is a great option for people who enjoy a simplified version of poker that is more based on luck than skill. Hi-Lo is another game perfect for a straightforward wager. It’s made even clearer by the exact odds being displayed for each betting option.

How Many Different Games are There at Coral Casino?

With a giant collection of games, just how many different ones are available at Coral Casino?

Online casinos are wanting to appeal to every possibly type of gambler going and with such an extensive games collection, Coral do just that.

In total there is a whopping 180 games offered by Coral’s online casino and this list is an ever growing one so expect the number to increase before too long.

A closer look at Coral Casino’s collection

Slots games are by far the most common at Coral Casino and they make up well over half of the entire game collection. There are 36 progressive jackpot slots with the jackpots regularly well into six and sometimes even seven figures for some of them. Others have much smaller prizes but the chances of being the lucky winner are a lot higher. The theme of the slots very massively and there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes.

For the big two casino games, roulette and blackjack, Coral is kitted out with plenty variations of both. For roulette, this includes the likes of American, European, French and Penny Roulette where the minimum bet is just 1p. As for blackjack, you have the option of Double Attack, Progressive, Surrender, Switch plus several more. Many people opt for the live version where your cards are dealt and the wheel is spun by a live dealer. With a dedicated dealer on hand as they would be just like in an actual casino, it is unrivalled for providing an authentic casino experience from your own home.

For table games you’ve got all the ones you would expect from a big bookmaker. 3 Card Brag, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps and Sic Bo are all there. Hold’Em can be played with a live dealer as can Baccarat although standard games against the computer are also offered. Additionally, there are a couple of poker options available here too in the form of Pai Gow Poker and Tequila Poker but most of the poker games are under the Video Poker section. This popular five-card draw game is offered in 14 different ways and for most of them, a pair of jacks is the minimum you need to see some returns on your bet.

Aside from the games that fall under the usual categories, there are many miscellaneous games bundled together in the ‘other games section’. You won’t find these at many other places and they offer a refreshing experience. Games such as Bonus Bowling, Heads or Tails, Penalty Shootout, Pop Bingo and Rock Paper Scissors provide very simple bets on games you are already familiar with. This section of games are perfect for anyone after a straightforward gamble which offers speedy returns.

What Card Games can I Play at Betfair Casino?

For card game fans out there, find out what is on offer at Betfair’s online Casino

Blackjack is the most famous casino card game and at Betfair you can find it in many modified forms along with a range of other different games.

There are 18 card games to choose from in total. Some of them take much time to master while others are perfect for the casual player looking for a straightforward wager. Whatever you want to play, Betfair offers loads of casino promotions to help you cash in.

What card games do Betfair Casino offer?

When selecting the card games option at Betfair Casino, the full list of games will appear. The majority of the games are available on the mobile page. However, to have access to the full range you will need to be on the main site. Each game has an information button in the top right corner of the icon. This gives you a detailed explanation of how the games work. There are no free play or demo options on the games so it’s wise to read the rules before placing any bets.

Blackjack Options

When it comes to blackjack, there are a lot of possibilities to try out. Along with the traditional version of the game, other innovative remakes include Cashback Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack Switch, Perfect Blackjack and even Pontoon. Overall there are 10 blackjack varieties, catering to both the casual players and any high rollers who like to bet on up to five hands at a time.

Other games which pit you against the house include 3 Card Brag, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker and Hold’Em Poker. What is great about the poker options is that it gives you a much faster paced game than if you were playing poker in person. With no need to maintain a poker face during the duration of the game either, it can be a rather more relaxing experience even if you are closing in on a big flush.

Betfair has not been left behind by the growth of live casino options either. They have five card games that feature a live dealer. The choices are as follows: 3 Card Brag, Baccarat, Blackjack, HiLo and Hold’Em. With a reliable, good quality stream that only requires flash player, the live games are a popular option and help give games a more authentic casino feel to them. Bet limits and the name of the dealer are specified on the table select page. You are not required to place bets when joining so you can simply sit-in and watch a few rounds to see how the game works first.

Coral Casino Jackpot Slots

Huge jackpots up for grabs on selected slots at Coral Casino

Coral Casino’s range of jackpot slots helps to add even more excitement to your online casino experience thanks to huge sums of money available to be won.

A good run on standard slot machines can give you some handsome pay-outs but with the jackpot slots at Coral Casino, lucky spinners can win prizes worth millions of pounds. Life-changing amounts of money have already been handed and there’s plenty more still to be won.

Become a millionaire with jackpot slots at Coral Casino

The beauty of online slots is their simplicity and how just one spin can make all the difference. Coral Casino’s selection of jackpot slots can be played from the comfort of your own home or on the go using your mobile.

The quick to load software powered by Playtech should run without issues on the vast majority of devices but it’s wise not to have too many other programmes running at the same time.

Coral Casino offers a wide range of jackpot slots, all with their own style and many with differing prizes available. The most potentially lucrative game of them all is Jackpot Giant which often has a jackpot in excess of £5m, truly living up to its name. In order to be eligible for the huge pay-out, you must bet the maximum of £0.08 per line which works out at £4 per spin.

For other games with smaller jackpots, you aren’t required to bet the maximum stake in order to have a shot at the jackpot. On slots such as Age of the Gods, it is possible to win one of four jackpot amounts by betting even the minimum stake. The more you wager during the regular game however, the more likely you are to have a chance to play the jackpot game.

The same system applies for the popular DC Super Heroes slots but not all games work in this way and it’s important to have a look through the rules before you begin. For all the slots, there is a clearly marked information button which provides you will all the essential details and states how the jackpots work.

Most, but not all, of the available slots have a free play version to allow you to get used to how the game works before playing for real. When searching for a particular slot game, you will be able to order all them by jackpot amount while also marking down your own personal favourites.

All the jackpots are progressive and continually increase as people play the game. Even when the entire amount is won, the jackpot will simply reset and continue growing once again.

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