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How Do Casino Welcome Bonuses Work?

Online casinos offer generous sign-up deals for new customers, sometimes matching deposits up to a total of £500. It’s not possible of course to simply make a deposit, claim the bonus and then withdraw both pots of money from your account. Gambling companies are sometimes generous, but they are certainly not stupid and there are always certain terms and conditions attached to any casino bonus money new players receive.

Deposit £x and get £x free casino bonuses

In this helpful guide, we explain how welcome bonuses typically work and what you should look out for when registering with any casino. Note that all casino bonuses carry terms and conditions that should be read and understood, including that customers must be aged 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly.

Whether it’s matching your deposit or giving you £50 to play with when you deposit £10, it’s very easy to claim a substantial amount in new customer bonus money. Sometimes players will need to insert a certain promotion code when they sign-up or opt in to the offer before making the deposit.

At other providers, the bonus funds will be automatically added to your account whenever the minimum deposit is made. Whatever you need to do will be clearly stated on the page you see before you begin to enter your details so be sure to read it closely. See our matched casino bonuses page for more information.

When can I withdraw the casino welcome bonus money?

The money the online casino sites give you can eventually be withdrawn but you have to earn it first by meeting the wagering requirement. Sometimes bonus money only needs to be wagered 15 times over but at other places it’s rather higher at 45 for their main welcome bonus.

Let’s say you’ve gone with a casino, they have a 20 times wagering requirement and this means that if you claim £50 in bonus money, this £50 needs to be bet 20 times over (£50 x 20 = £1000) before it can be withdrawn. This figure may seem like a lot but it’s one that many players do eventually reach. Your best plan for making it last is to avoid placing large sums on very high-odds bets such a single number on a roulette wheel.

One thing to be aware of is that often each casino site will have a time limit on how long you have to meet the wagering requirement. They are usually fairly generous with these restrictions but they do vary, some offering 14 days while others can give you up to 90.

Different games and different wagering contributions

Every penny on some games counts fully towards the wagering requirement but this is not always the case. Slots, scratch cards and fixed odds games will almost always count 100% towards your wagering goal, other games will be substantially less however. Bonus funds spent on roulette typically contribute around 50-20% and for the likes of baccarat and blackjack it can vary between 50% and 10%. Each online casino provider will have their own wagering contributions table so it’s definitely worth checking this before you begin playing unless you are an avid slots fan.

To highlight what this means, let’s say one site states that funds staked on roulette count 20% towards the bonus requirement. Every £5 spent on roulette will count £1 towards your goal. If your bonus is £50 as in the previous example (£1000 wagering requirement) this means you would need to wager £5000 on roulette if this was the only game you played. Customers are always able to mix and match which games they play so there is no obligation to stick with any particular one as they all combined together to meet the wagering requirement.

Who can take advantage of these large casino sign-up offers?

Providing you haven’t registered before to a certain casino site, you will usually be eligible for any new customer promotions they are running. It doesn’t matter if you’ve held a sportsbook account with them before as the casino is considered a separate entity in most cases. If you’ve been using Coral for your weekend football accumulators for example but haven’t signed-up for Coral Casino, this will not be an issue.

Be wary that offers do apply to one member per household to stop people claiming four welcome bonuses by using their family members’ details to re-register. A standard rule is that offers will be limited to “one account per customer, meaning one per family, household address, IP Address, email address, telephone number, payment account number.” You also need to be wary of how you make your first deposit as some promotions don’t accept money that comes from e-wallets for instance.

Where can I find more about the new customer promotions?

The details of the welcome bonuses of several top online casinos can be found on our aptly titled Casino Welcome Bonuses page. With several to choose from you, you are likely to have enough bonus funds to keep you busy for a long time. There’s absolute no reason not to make the most of all the promotions on offer as if lady luck happens to desert you, it’s better to lose bonus funds money than your own deposit. After trying several out you will also get a much better idea of what site you prefer most and which has the games selection most suited to your personal taste.

Casino Offers: Main Terms and Conditions to Understand

If there’s one thing almost every internet user has done, including online casino players, it’s clicking the button stating they’ve read the masses of terms and conditions when they’ve barely given them a glance.

Sometimes the small print may as well be in a foreign language given how hard it is to understand and you think to yourself, what difference does reading it really make? When it comes to online casino offers however, there is often a lot of detail found in the terms and conditions which shouldn’t be overlooked. There are certain terms that feature in almost every offer and it’s these which we will take a look at in this article to ensure you are familiar with the essentials.

Wagering Requirements

This is the big one when it comes to online casinos and it’s something that can vary massively depending on which offer you are claiming. Online casinos tempt new customers by offering them large deposit bonuses or ‘free money’ but it’s not as simple as claiming the money and then transferring it into your bank account. To get to the point where withdrawals are possible, the bonus/free funds that you have been handed will need wagering a certain amount of times.

Whatever casino you join, chances are there will be wagering requirements attached to the bonuses and offers.

Given that it is in one sense some might (inaccurately) describe such offers as “free money”, it’s far from an unreasonable ask and it’s something you will find with virtually every sign-up offer. The wagering requirement might be as low as 10x (ten times) but on other occasions as high as 40x. To demonstrate what this means for you, if you were given a £50 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement, you would need to wager £1000 (£50 x 20) in total. Once the requirement is met, the bonus funds will be ‘unlocked’ allowing you to spend them how you please.

Different game contributions

In the wagering example above, you would need to bet a total of £1000 with your bonus funds to meet the requirement but that assumes you only play games with a 100% contribution level. Games like slots will usually contribute 100% but casino classics such as Roulette and Blackjack tend to be between 20% and 5%. The figures vary between casino sites and it’s important to check them out as these percentages can make a big difference to how many times you have to turnover any promotional funds.

If you exclusively play a game that has for example a 20% wagering contribution, this effectively means that for every £1 spent on it, £0.20 will go towards the wagering requirement. If your target wagering amount was £1000, you would in this case need to bet £5000. Ideally you will want to avoid exclusively playing games with a very low contribution too much as meeting the wagering requirement playing these can take quite some time.

You might have just thought to yourself that you can easily meet the wagering requirement by simply sticking your money on 35 numbers of a roulette wheel a few times. The bookies are way ahead of you there though and typically any bet that covers more than two thirds of the wheel will not count at all towards the wagering requirement.


Bonus funds handed out by casino sites will rarely sit in your account forever so it pays to be wary about when the deadlines are. Even when winning something like free spins during a promotional game, extras like this will sometimes need to be claimed within a few days before they expire. It will always be stated how long you have to meet the wagering requirement on a bonus or to accept a prize.

Some casino sites offer long expiry dates while others have a much shorter window. Players who claim a large introductory bonus but play quite infrequently can sometimes get caught out by this. If they’ve not turned over the funds within the specified time period then their bonus fund balance will perish and there’s no getting them back.

Duplicate accounts

You’ve claimed a juicy new-customer offer, won a few quid, and now you are thinking about signing-up as your brother to do it all again. This is absolutely not something you should be attempting as bookies are very alert when it comes to preventing abuse of any offers they have. Promotions are limited so that only one member of a household can take advantage of them and if your e-mail, payment card, phone number etc. has been used before, you won’t be eligible either.

You might have experienced a bit of bad luck with your first sign-up offer but its little bother as you can simply try again with a different provider. There are a wide range of bookmakers available, all offering generous sign-up offers as you can find on our site and it will be a long time before you use up all of the promotional deals.

What is the House Edge?

If you read much about playing casino games, online or at a “normal” casino, you’ll often come across the term “house edge”. If you’re unsure what that means and want a simple answer, you are in the right place.

We’re simple folk here at CasinoOffers and if you don’t want a 12-page essay that requires a degree in maths and a good knowledge of quantum physics, we can most certainly help out.

House Edge for Dummies

We can explain it really, really simply. The house edge is the advantage that any casino game gives the house. The house being the casino itself. All casino games are ingeniously designed (and we mean that seriously) so that that the casino itself has a small advantage. This is why casinos are glitzy palaces and you live in a shed in your friend’s garden. OK, you might not be a dummy. You might actually be very intelligent. You MIGHT even have a maths degree. But if you don’t know what the house edge is, you don’t know what it is.

Put another way, the house edge is the casino’s profit margin. When you buy something in a shop you fully understand that they are selling it for more than they bought it. The difference pays the staff, covers the rent, provides a profit for the owner and if everyone is good and honest might even include a bit of tax too.

How is the House Edge Expressed?

The house edge is expressed as a percentage and this is the percentage of staked money the casino keeps. Imagine a raffle that sells 100,000 tickets for £1 each. The organiser takes in £100,000 cash and gives away £95,000 of prizes. They keep £5,000 out of the total “stake” of £100,000 and thus the house edge is 5%.

If we now move our example into the casino and to the roulette table we can see this in a real way. Imagine a standard European roulette wheel with 36 numbers and one zero. There are five players at the table and by amazing (and very convenient) coincidence they end up betting a total of £37, with £1 being wagered on every number.

Zero comes up and pays, as any single number does, at odds of 35/1. So the casino wins on 36 numbers and pays out £35. £37 was initially staked and the casino keeps £1 profit. 1 divided by 37 = 0.027027 (recurring if we can get ever so slightly maths on your ass).

That is 0.27% and that is the house edge on standard European roulette. If we imagine we have a real dummy, playing roulette with a zero and a double zero, we have a slightly different equation. £1 on every number (including the two zeroes) now requires £38. Any win will still pay out at 35/1, meaning the casino wins on 37 numbers and pays out £35.

Out of a total stake of £38 they keep £2. 2 divided by 38 = 0.0526315 and that is indeed the house edge on roulette. So instead of giving the house, the casino, £2.70 for every £100 you bet, you’re giving them £5.26. That’s almost double.

House Edge on Different Casino Games

Roulette is a great example for the house edge as it is the same no matter what the player does and no matter what they bet on. Of course, players can win – unless they bet £1 on every number! Just a bit of luck is all it takes for the player to win but in the long term the casino has the odds in their favour.

In different games there are more variables and so the house edge is less predictable and quantifiable. Slots, for example, don’t per se have an advantage for the casino. The advantage is merely a product of their programming. So, in theory, we can tell a slot to pay out more than it takes in, creating a negative house edge and an advantage to the player.

Sadly, however, casinos don’t do that. They can, at least with some slots, more or less set the house edge to whatever they feel. As such the house edge with slots varies from slot to slot and site to site.

In other games, for example video poker and blackjack, the player’s decisions have an impact on the game. For example, in blackjack, if you keep on hitting and hitting you will lose almost every hand. You’ll win some, by virtue of getting a “natural” blackjack, but you’ll lose the majority of hands and thus create a very high house edge.

In both of these games, in order to achieve the lowest house edge possible and thus give yourself the best chance of winning, you need to play to optimum strategy. For both games there is a call that is correct for any given circumstance.

This brings us onto another issue with many games: rule variations. Although roulette is very simple, the use of single and double zero tables creates a difference house edge. The number of zeroes is effectively a rule but in games such as blackjack the rule variations are more complex.

For example, the more decks that are used, the greater the house edge. If the casino pays out at odds of less than 3/2 for a blackjack, for example at 6/5 or even evens, the house edge is greater. Rules on splitting, doubling and what the dealer hits or stands on also have an impact.

We’ll discuss these and other issues around the house edge another time. However, for now, my dummy friends, all you need to know is that the house edge is the casino’s profit margin and is the percentage of staked cash that they keep on average.

Casino House Edge Explained – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Casino House Edge?

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘the house always wins’ and there is plenty of truth in the saying. This doesn’t mean that you can never claim a profit at a casino, many people do, but it means that the casino will eventually come out on top versus all gamblers as a whole.

Why is this? It’s all because of the house edge. This slight statistical advantage the casino has over the player ensures that the casino will end up with a profit. Although the bias towards the house isn’t huge, given how much money is gambled, it ensures that the small tilt is enough to keep the casinos in business.

While it’s something to be wary of, it’s not something that should discourage you from having a tipple at the casino. Anything better than average luck will see you overcome the house edge and make your casino experience a profitable one.

Does the casino always have the advantage?

No matter what game you play, the house edge will be active. The only exception to this when playing blackjack at an actual casino and you have the ability to count cards. Doing so gives you the edge which is why casinos are usually keen to crack down on people employing such a tactic.

In all other forms, the odds are always very slightly against you and you can find by how much exactly when playing at online casinos. Every game will list somewhere, usually on the help or info section, the long-term expected return to player (RTP), in most cases it will be between 94%-99%.

On the low end of the scale tends to be slots while at the upper end you’ll usually find the likes of blackjack and baccarat with roulette somewhere in between.

How does the expected return to player work in practice?

The RTP figure is really just the house edge shown in its mathematical form. If we select an online game of blackjack with a RTP of 99%, this means that for every £100 spend on the game, the casino would expect to receive £101.

This is only on average of course and in reality the casinos will go through phases of greater profits as well as significant losses. For the players this means for every £100 spent, they will on average see £99 of it back.

This will naturally not be the case however for novice players with limited understanding of how the game works.

How does the casino always have the edge?

Casino classics are built to favour the house in their design. In roulette for instance, the addition of the green 0 (plus 00 on American tables) is enough to do this. Without it, any bet would simply be a 50:50 wager but adding the 1 in 37 chance green 0 ensures this is not the case.

In other games, the house edge is less obvious such as in slots but the way the game is programmed ensures that it is present. By law, such games must be regulated and therefore the claimed RTP will be genuine and can be trusted to offer a fair gambling experience.

Is there anyway of overcoming the house edge at online casinos?

Technically speaking no but the range of promotions handed out by the online casinos can in the short term give you an advantage, especially casino welcome bonuses.

In some instances offers are available without you requiring to stake any of your own money and in these no lose cases, it’s only the player who can benefit. In most instances, promotional money handed to players will need to be spent several times over before it can be withdrawn.

If a 100% deposit bonus is given to a player for instance, this puts the house at a huge disadvantage. Ensuring that players must wager the bonus funds 20/30/40 times over though helps pull them closer to level terms.

Online Casinos vs. Real World Casinos

What are the pros and cons of playing at an online casino compared to a real world bricks and mortar casino?

Are you a fan of your local casino thinking about trying out an online casino? Or an online casino pro considering a trip out into the real world?

If you’ve played at one type of casino but not the other and want to compare them, we’ve got the info you need. We’ve looked at the key factors that make playing casino games fun and compared how these work at a bricks and mortar casino with the online equivalent.

Personally, we love both types of casino action and they both have their place. However, if you aren’t sure about trying one or the other option, this comparison is the perfect aid to helping you make up your mind.

Is it time to don your glad rags and head to Vegas or crack out your favourite dressing gown and a nice cup of tea?

Online Casinos v Real World

We’re going to break this comparison down into a few key areas. In no order of importance these are: the experience, convenience, expense, bonuses and game choice. This is our opinion, not the gospel according to St. Casinothius. If you disagree, let us know!

The Experience

We’ll let you into a secret. When it comes to the experience, we’re awarding the win to that scary place called The Real World. 1-0, bricks and mortar casinos, well done you.

The thing is, your local casino probably isn’t the MGM. Unless you live in Vegas, on the strip. It probably isn’t quite like Atlantic City but even casinos in places like Blackpool and Southend (and everywhere in between) have at least a modicum of glamour.

OK, maybe not glamour, maybe you won’t feel like James Bond in Monte Carlo (or Macau, or any of the other glitzy casinos at which Bond has fleeced the bad guy, won a fortune and gone home with the girl!) but there is undoubtedly a sense of occasion.

Las Vegas Casino Heaven

These days your average UK casino is a lot more relaxed than the traditional stereotype of men in tuxedos. That has somewhat reduced the glamour and sophistication but it has also made real world casinos a whole lot more accessible and easier to visit.

That said, a night out to the casino remains a fun and exciting thing to do and is an event to look forward to. Going with friends makes it a sociable experience and even the shabbiest of casinos will usually have some form of non-gambling entertainment.

OK, you might not get Britney Spears or Cirque du Soleil but you’ll get a bar or three, a restaurant or two, live televised sport and sometimes live music, comedy or a show.

Compare that to being sat at home in your pants with a can of lager and there is clearly only one winner.

Verdict – Offline


Ok, if there is only one winner when it comes to the experience, the same is true of convenience. And the tables are turned, with online casino action the clear and undeniable winner. 1-1, game on!

So, there you are, on the couch, in your pants, can of lager in hand. Kind of easy isn’t it? You might even argue it’s more convenient than getting dressed, getting a bus (or taxi if you’re expecting to win) into town and then walking home six miles at 3am (when you haven’t won).

Lucky Casino Lager

Convenience is possibly the number one thing in favour of online casinos. With the advent of mobile casinos, the widest choice of casinos and games is pretty much in your pocket – or your hand – at all times.

Whether you decide to play on your laptop, tablet or computer, brilliant online casino games are never more than a few clicks away. What’s more, you can play on the toilet (weird but definitely possible), on the bus (on the way to the casino if you want), at work (on the toilet if your boss is like ours), in a bar … or just about anywhere.

With most phone details including plenty of data and the wide availability of Wi-Fi, playing online casino games is pretty much as convenient and easy as humanly possible.

Verdict – Online


OK, so, you’re sat there, in your pants (please tell me this isn’t just me?), on the couch, can of lager in hand. How much was that can of lager? A quid? Two quid? Did you splash out on an 8% IPA and spend three whole quid on your beer?

Taxi to the couch, how much was that? Oh, nada you say? Free, you just walked. Ooh, that’s convenient. And cheap. Is the food cheap too? Free you say? Oooh, that is cheap.

Sorry you real worlders, when it comes to expense, once again it’s a big win for the online casinos of the galaxy. Yes, you need a house, yes you need an internet-accessing device, yes you need the internet. OK, that house might cost you £250,000 (or £250m in London). Throw in another grand for the computer and £20 per month for high-speed broadband. That’s quite a lot of cash.

But it doesn’t count because you already have them. Result! 2-1 to cyberspace. Do you remember cyberspace? Ask your Dad if not.

Verdict – Online


Britney Casino Perk?

Britney Casino Perk?

We love bonuses, we ain’t gonna lie. If all this talk of casinos has got you itching for a game or two of blackjack then why not check out all of our casino welcome bonuses and offers?

Whilst it’s true that the bricks and mortar casinos have been known to throw around the odd freebie, in general they don’t. Yes, if you’re a high roller you might get a night in Britney or Paris, or perhaps some free nachos. But for most of us, no way Jose.

Nowadays modern casinos do occasionally have free drinks for customers or the odd free bet token. Most also have some form of loyalty scheme where you can earn points for gaming and food and drink purchases.

However, all of these lag behind the amazing welcome bonuses offered by the best online casino sites. Just about every online casino, and certainly all of the best ones that we feature, offer new customers a welcome bonus.

This is usually worth at least 100% of your initial deposit and wager and sometimes 500% or even more. You might also get free spins thrown in too, whilst most casino sites also have regular offers and promotions for existing customers too.

These include things like prize draws, competitions, money back offers and cash giveaways. All of these bonuses and deals will have terms attached to them. Casinos are generous but they don’t just give cash away!

For example a bonus is usually a match of your deposit and wagering will be required before you can withdraw any winnings. Competitions will usually – though not always – require you to play a certain game or stake a set value in order to enter.

Anyway, back to the issue of online versus offline: it doesn’t take a genius to realise that we’re chalking up another win for online casinos here. OK, it isn’t as one-sided as the other features we’ve looked at but it remains a clear win.

Verdict – Online

The Games

Lots of casino fans, like people in general, are creatures of habit. They stick to what they know and what they like. If that’s you then you probably don’t need the biggest range of games in the world.

Blackjack in a casino

In fact, lots of “serious” casino lovers probably only stick to one single game, be that blackjack, roulette, slots or something else. That said, here at CasinoOffers, we’re more in the “variety is the spice of life” camp than the “I know what I like” gang.

We have our favourite games but we also believe there is a time and a place for every game. Both online casinos and their real world counterparts tend to have a range of games that will be more than enough for most players.

Both types of casino now tend to give up a lot of space, be that of the floor or cyber variety, to slots. You’ll generally find hundreds of different games, including progressive jackpot slots both online and offline.

You’ll also get all the classics at both, such as blackjack, roulette, pontoon, 3 card poker and one or two others. In lots of cases both online and bricks and mortar casinos will also facilitate multi-player poker.

However, yet again this one is just about in favour of online casinos. Online casinos will almost always have a bingo and poker facility as well. In addition they have instant win games, scratch cards and just a wider range of casino games.

Not all UK casinos offer games such as baccarat, pai gow and craps but most of the best casino sites do. To put it very simply, whilst offline casinos have a great range of games, online just have a few more.

Verdict – Online


There is lots in this article which doesn’t require the intellect of Stephen Hawking (RIP). Which is pretty useful, as most of us aren’t quite that clever. So, even the non-geniuses among you will have realised that, all in all, we think online casinos have the edge.

Obviously you might claim that we’re biased and we may be but the truth is that the huge convenience of online casinos, the great welcome bonuses and existing customer offers and the range of games available give the online world the edge.

As said, we remain a fan of the odd trip to the local casino and we LOVE Vegas. Both types of fun have their place but this is about awarding prizes. And the winner is. … well, you already figured that bit out!

Best Online Casino Games and Different Game Types

What games can you play at online casinos and which are the best games to play?

There are loads and loads of different games available at online casinos. That’s great, as it means you won’t get bored. Also, there is something for everyone. However, how do you choose what game to play and which are the best?

In truth, there is no simple answer when it comes to which are the best games to play at online casinos. Some are good because they have a low house edge, whilst others are good because they help clear casino bonuses.

However, ultimately it is a very personal thing and much comes down to what you are looking for. Some games are better for small stakes with the chance to win big. Other games are better if you want to bet big and have the highest chance of winning. And yet others are just fun!

Here is a full list of the major games types you will find, with almost all of these available at all the online casinos we feature.


Slots are one of the most popular type of online casino games. Most mobile casinos will also feature plenty of slots and they come in loads of different guises.

You have jackpot slots with huge progressive jackpots that can reach seven or even eight figures. Slots of TV shows and movies, cartoon slots, video slots and old school fruit machine style games.

Whatever type of slot you play they are fast, fun and allow you to win massive amounts from small stakes. They also almost always count 100% when it comes to casino bonus wagering.

On the downside, variance is high, meaning long losing streaks can easily happen to cover the big wins. Also the house edge tends to be higher on slots, although this is changing at many of the best casino sites.

Card and Table Games

Card and tables games are what many people think of one they think of playing in a casino. They can vary a lot but tend to have the lowest house edge, which gives players the greatest chance of long term profit. This makes them good for bonus wagering, although always check they are eligible and at what percentage they contribute towards the rollover.

Blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, hi-lo, casino hold ‘em, brag, Caribbean stud poker, sic bo and pontoon are just some of the games you will encounter.

These games are usually good if you want a long session at the table. They may also suit casino high rollers who are prepared to bet big to win big.

Live Casino

Live casino games are relatively new, although they have been around for more than 10 years now. These involve real life dealers and croupiers – usually very attractive ones – dealing real cards and spinning real wheels.

You interact via live streams and this can be a great way to get a more authentic casino experience. Blackjack, baccarat and roulette are among the most common live casino games available.

Video Poker

Video poker uses the hands and structure of poker but is played against the house, not other players. It has a very, very low house edge. To give yourself the best chance of winning a little know-how and skill is required so this is great for those who want to test themselves rather than just sit back and spin.

Scratch Cards and Instant Win Games

At the other end of the spectrum, those wanting the easiest possible games should consider the many instant wins options available. This is pure chance and, as with slots, you can win high value prizes from small stakes.

As with slots, these usually count 100% towards bonus wagering but the house edge favours the casino and variance is high.

Which Casino Games Have the Lowest House Edge?

Which online casino games give you the best chance of winning and have the smallest house edge?

Playing online casino games should be mainly about fun. That said, winning IS fun! If you want to give yourself the best chance of making a profit, choose your games wisely. Here we take a look at the house edge of some of the most popular casino games around.

Irrespective of what games you play, choosing your casino wisely is more important. We only work with a very small, elite group of online and mobile casinos and they are all top class. Take a look at all the casino sites we work with, as well as the welcome bonuses they offer new customers.

House Edge of Most Popular Casino Games

What is the house edge?

Here we take a look at the most popular casino games only. The house edge is the advantage the house holds over the player. All casino games, be they played in the “real world”, online or on mobile, favour the casino.

That advantage is usually called the house edge. Essentially this means what percentage of stakes the casino can expect to win. Note that we say “expect”.

This is because we’re talking about a mathematical concept that only becomes true when you play an infinite number of hands, spins or games. Now, here at, we like blackjack, roulette, etc as much as the next guy. But even we don’t play infinitely.

Luck, or in maths-speak, variance, means that in the short term the player can, does and will win. However, the house edge refers to the long term probabilities. It also, in games where the player’s involvement affects the odds, assumes the player is using the optimum strategy.

House Edge of Roulette

Here we are assuming the player is placing standard bets on a table with a single zero. In this instance, the house edge for roulette is the same no matter whether a player is betting on single numbers, groups of numbers, red or black or any combination of single numbers.

No matter what, the house edge for roulette is 2.70%. That means that a player who bets £100 can expect to lose just £2.70. Note that if you are silly enough to play American roulette (with the zero and the double zero) that jumps to 5.26%.


House Edge of Online Casino Games

Using optimum strategy is crucial when you play blackjack. Many bricks and mortar casinos provide basic strategy charts that tell you the best call to make in any given situation. If you’re playing online it’s also really easy to access such info.

The precise house edge for blackjack can vary greatly depending on the precise rules at the casino you are at. It can drop to less than 0.3% with the most favourable rules. However, a more realistic figure is between 0.5% and 1.5%.

That means, if we use a figure of 1%, that a player playing 100 hands for £10 per pop should, on average, lose just £10! Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges around. As such, it only takes a slight helping hand from Lady Luck for the player to win.


The house edge for online slots is often quoted as the Return To Player (RTP). This views things from the player’s return, not their loss. As such, an RTP of 90% means that for every £100 that goes into the slot, you can expect £90 to come out.

The house edge (or RTP – they are essentially the same thing expressed differently) of slots has traditionally been very high. In the past, figures of 15%, perhaps even higher, have not been uncommon.

In recent times the best online casinos have demanded slots that give the player a higher return. This is a result of competition between them. Whilst a house edge of 5%-10% is still very high and still quite common, many slots have a house edge of more like 2.5%.

It’s worth noting that whilst almost all casino games’ house edges are mathematical facts, that is not the case with slots. Slots aren’t games with fixed numbers, certain maths and known probabilities. They are electronic machines that usually allow for the house edge to be changed at the flick of a metaphorical switch.

As such, the house edge of slots can vary, from slot to slot, casino to casino and even, in theory, from day to day.

Picking a casino game is about more than just the house edge

Whilst this article focusses on the house edge, it is vital to note that this stat is not the be all and end all. Different games appeal to different casino players for different reasons.

Online slots

Blackjack has a very low house edge but it requires a certain degree of skill and knowledge and even concentration. Also, most wins pay out at odds of evens, so in order to win big you need to either be a casino high roller; or you need to be very lucky and go on a long winning streak.

In contrast, online slots may have a higher edge but they offer the chance to win huge sums for a stake of £1 or less. Progressive jackpot slots offer seven- and even eight-figure jackpots. It’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Lastly, which game you prefer may also depend what you are trying to achieve and what mood you are in. If you just want to have some fun and play for a long time, games such as blackjack and video poker are perfect. The low house edge and low variance means you have a great chance of enjoying hours at the table on a low budget.

On the other hand, if you want fast-paced thrills and have a higher budget, games like slots or online roulette offer higher risk but potentially much higher rewards.

Of course, no matter what or why you play, claiming a big welcome bonus automatically swings the odds your way. Throw in a bit of luck as well and today could be the day you win big. Good luck!

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